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About Us

Trust comes from quality
Fujian Zhongtuo Baoju Industrial Co., Ltd., Factory founded in 2002, is located in Xiamen, the national civilized city. Aiming at the tenet of "Quality first, Customer upmost", we have exquisite production workmanship and mainly specialize in plastic products including:1.plastic water bottles | plastic sport bottle | plastic drink bottle2.plastic straw3.plastic bottles | plastic containers4.Portable Bidet,Our factory is well equipped with a series of advanced production equipments like high-speed plastic blow molding machines and full-automatic multi-function computer UV bottle printing machines and so on.Developing from an original processing company, it has become a professional enterprise specializing in plastic products which incorporates production, sale, and scientific research into an organic whole.Our management idea: quality products at competitive prices
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The Peri bottle is the ultimate weapon against the trauma of washing your bits after birth.

Our peri bottle features an upside down ergonomic design for the ultimate "aaaaaah!" in postpartum care.Designed for postpartum cleaning in those sensitive da...

The most useful bicycle bottle on the market,Easy to use

The most useful bicycle bottle on the market! Easy to use, BPA free and with handy tips about hydration and first-aid. Our bottle will be your trusty companion on every...

This bottle is the favorite among the professional bicycle racers

This bottle is the favorite among the professional bicycle racers, but could definitely be the favorite of your average Sunday cyclist too....

Peri bottle

Created to gently clean and aid your countless trips to the bathroom, postpartum and beyond.  ...


  • Can I order samples?

    Of course

  • What's your production lead time for mass order?

    The average production lead time is 20-30 days after the order's confirmed.

  • What's the MOQ for the products?

    The MOQ will be various depends on the color and packing.

  • Do you have any certificates for your products?

    Since our products are for exporting to overseas market, basically, all products come with Inspection by professional organization.

  • Can you provide OEM& ODM service?

    Yes, we can provide OEM service, customized color, packing and logo are available. We also can provide ODM service, all products we have are self-developed products.

  • Are you a manufacture company?

    We are professional outdoor sports bottle and portable bidet factory with more than 20 years experience.

  • What are the benefits of using a portable bidet?

    Nowadays, people's living standards have improved, and their personal hygiene has begun to pay attention. Recently, it has been found that many people buy portable body cleaners and put them in their bathrooms. So why do they buy them? What are the benefits of using a portable body cleaner? Here is a brief introduction to the benefits of using a body cleaner:

    1. Cleaning and nursing of female vulva is very important for women's health. 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by vulva pollution. Cleaning the vulva is the first line of defense to prevent gynecological diseases. The female dedicated nozzle provides the best cleaning method for female vulva cleaning. During menstruation and before and after childbirth, women are often worried about the inconvenience of cleaning. The body cleaner makes mothers say goodbye to the "paper" and "wipe era", "enter the era of washing", and enter the era of clean and hygienic "scientific defecation, and washing is clean".

    2. Constipated people can use a body cleaner to reduce the pain of constipation. The body cleaner can easily control warm water to wash the anus. Washing before defecation can massage the acupoints around the anus, especially Qiangzhong acupoints, which can help defecate. Warm water enters the anus to lubricate the intestines and make the stool smooth. The body cleaner has the function of moistening intestines and relieving constipation, softening and decomposing dry and caked stool, and eliminating constipation.

    3. Ten people have nine hemorrhoids. People suffering from hemorrhoids are most afraid of going to the toilet every day to defecate. If they experience dry stool or constipation, they will break and bleed. Wipe it after defecation, and it may not be clean; With a little effort, the pain is unbearable. The body cleaner provides the best solution for hemorrhoids patients. Moisturize intestines before defecation, so that defecation can be smoothly discharged. After defecation, it is like taking a bath. It is warm, comfortable and convenient to clean, and it can avoid the pain of wiping with toilet paper.

    4. As women who love beauty and health know, regular enema and elimination of stool are the best way to beautify and keep healthy. It is reported that daily enema can make your skin plump and radiant. Contemporary fashionable women, who regularly go to the hospital for enema and beauty, are very popular. But it is time-consuming and expensive. The body cleaner has unique functions of defecating and moistening intestines. Bring this wonderful experience to consumers. So that everyone can enjoy high-quality health care products, enjoy beauty and health.

    5. With the increase of parents' age, various functions of the body will gradually decline, including defecation function. Difficulty in defecating is a problem that almost all elderly parents will encounter. With the body cleaner, the problem of moistening intestines before defecation, cleaning and drying after defecation can be easily solved.

    6. Using a body cleaner can reduce family worries. People with mobility problems (stroke, disability, obesity) need special help. They do not need to be wiped by others. They can help facilitate operation and maintain their self-confidence and self-esteem; Avoid employing nursing staff or family members to deal with excrement troubles, promote anal peristalsis, and save family expenses; Reduce the fear of defecation of people with high blood pressure, heart disease and weak body; Help solve the pain of fat people bending down to wipe

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