500ML Peri Bottle for Postpartum Perineal Recovery and Cleansing(Blue)

500ML Peri Bottle for Postpartum Perineal Recovery and Cleansing(Blue)

Customized model:PB-500
bottlefactry 2022-11-20 Peri Bottle 398 0
Model No:PB500-blue
  • Packing:each/Travel bag+box
  • CTN SIZE:55*40*50CM
  • NW/GW:9.5KG
  • Quantity:70PCS
  • Material:EVA+PP


Product Description






  • This bottle use medical grade material, it's suitable for baby, women or bedridden patient to wash.

  • 2 Nozzles For Different Uses. The angled one is for women or adult with needs, and the straight one is for baby.

  • EASY TO USE:Simply fill with warm water and while sitting on the toilet, point the opened tip towards the region you would like to cleanse, and squeeze the bottle to squirt the fluid over the region.

  • Retractable flushing rod.easy disassembly and assembly, easy to clean.

  • Retractable Antislip bottle.

Product Description

Peri Bottle for New Moms- Relief & Freshness That Follows Everywhere

XMYUNSONG knows what it takes to be a mom, and once the hardest part of the pregnancy has passed, the following postnatal period can also be a struggle.

Whether it’s birth tears, hemorrhoids or just simply maintaining your cleanliness- it can be quite hard!

Introducing the Improved Design of the Upside Down Peri Bottle

We at XMYUNSONG focus on providing moms and babies with the comfort they need and our Peri Bottle is a product designed after extensive research and testing by hundreds of mothers, just like you.

Here’s 5 reasons why mommies loved our product:

✅ Retractable Nozzle with Cover- Highly comfy design that is easy to use

✅ 17 Oz Reservoir- Not too big to get awkward, not too small to have to refill

✅ 6&12-Hole Spout Design- More efficient, more soothing, more powerful water stream

✅ Special EVA Material Build- Easier to squeeze, better control

✅ Improved, Stronger & Better Nozzle Retractor

Made With Care For Your Health

All XMYUNSONG Peri Bottles are made with 100% BPA & Phthalate-FREE materials that are absolutely safe for you and your body.

A Great Gift.

Yes, that is correct- like we said, our products are not an outsourced fluke- we care to create them according to your feedback and add comfort in your life, as being a mom is the hardest job in the world.

Enjoy our peri bottle with treat yourself, a friend or a family member to a gift that is guaranteed to be loved, and thoroughly used!

Click Add to Cart Now & Add Comfort To Your Life- You Deserve it!


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