What is the best way to use peri bottles after giving birth?

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Perineal irrigation bottles are really straightforward to use and all you need is the bottle itself and some warm water.

Here's how to use a peri bottle:

    Simply fill the peri bottle with warm water and point the angled neck at the area you want to clean while you're sitting on the toilet
    Squeeze the bottle and spray the water over the area to clean away urine and reduce the stinging feeling that is associated with urination after birth
    Use toilet paper to pat the area dry gently, but don't wipe, as this can cause further irritation.

The best time to use the peri bottle is while urinating to help reduce the burning sensation as your urine comes into contact with the perineum. You can continue using the peri bottle for as long as you like until you're healed, however, see your doctor if any pain persists beyond the first week.

There are a handful of other items that can be used alongside Kin's Peri Bottle that will help make the postpartum experience easier, especially when it comes to using the toilet.

Ztbaoju's Sitz Tub helps to relieve your tender and sensitive bits after birth. When combined with our specially formulated Sitz Salts, the Sitz Bath helps relieve constipation, shrink haemorrhoids and reduce perineal swelling.

The Sitz Bath allows you to cleanse, moisturise, relieve itchiness and prevent infections to help you heal. Simply pop the Sitz Tub in the rim of your toilet, add warm water, and Sitz Salts and soak your perineum for 15 to 20 minutes.

A stool softener is also helpful at this time as it makes bowel movements easier and puts less stress on the perineum with straining. This is especially helpful if you have haemorrhoids. You may also find sitting on a pillow more comfortable as well.

Gathering an arsenal of products, including peri bottles and stool softeners, and having them at your disposal will ensure that going to the bathroom after birth is as easy as it possibly can be.

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