Can you use a peri bottle if you've had a C-section?

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Even if you didn't experience a vaginal birth, you might still find a peri bottle to be useful — especially if you laboured before having the C-section, which means your perineum could still be painful and swollen.

Passing gas or doing a number two can be difficult and straining will likely aggravate your incision and sore abdomen, so a peri bottle can come in handy here.

If your C-section was planned, you might still find yourself in pain when trying to wipe yourself or the location of your incision could make bending over to clean yourself difficult, which is where the peri bottle can help.

You will also experience the same bleeding as those who had a vaginal birth and the peri bottle is great for managing this scenario. Plus, you can also use a peri bottle to clean your incision to avoid the wound becoming infected.

It's totally up to you whether you use a peri bottle postpartum but it really is a great sidekick for those early weeks after birth and is a handy addition to your hospital bag.

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